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Tuna and Tahini Sandwich


Lunches these days are a chore, thankfully the husband is on the job (under my direction of course)! 4 lunch boxes to prepare is no easy task, there’s so many things to think about. In as much as you can manage it they must be tasty, not messy, easy to hold and healthy with slow releasing energy food. Tuna and tahini sandwich is a perfect example of a slow releasing food. Eating slow energy releasing food will make your blood sugar rise gradually over a few hours which in return maintains your energy level and prevents a slump. By choosing your food carefully you can prevent steep rises in blood sugar. There’s already an awareness of which foods are good and bad for us and sometimes it’s obvious to spot sugar in certain foods like biscuits, chocolate, sweets, milkshakes or doughnuts. There are however so many foods with hidden quantities of sugar like bread, baked beans and other canned foods, fruit juices, breakfast cereals and ketchup. So we try as much as we can to make healthier sandwiches and other food to balance the sugar throughout the day.
I made this Tuna and tahini sandwich filling here along with some chopped vegetables which is so good though some might question the bread let me tell you that the more fiber and protein (and fat) that is eaten alongside starchy or sugary foods, the more slowly those foods are digested and released as sugar into your system. Rice cakes for example are very fast releasing (high GI) but when spread with humous or tahini, which is protein and fat, the GI is reduced.  When you eat more GI foods try to make sure that you combine them with low GI foods.

Tuna and Tahini Sandwich

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Number of servings: 8

Per Serving 255 calories

Fat 7 g

Carbs 32 g

Protein 18 g


Tuna and Tahini Sandwich


2 cans of tuna

4 table spoons of tahini

1/4 cup of sweet corn

1/4 cup of red sweet pepper chopped into small cubes

1/4 cup of cucumber chopped into small cubes

1 small onion chopped in small cubes(optional)

Cheddar cheese cut into cubes (optional)

Pepper to taste

16 slices of wholemeal bread


  1. Drain the tuna and place into a big bowl.
  2. Add chopped vegetables, cheese and tahini.
  3. Season and mix all through.
  4. Spread on your choice of bread and serve





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