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1-1 Skype Consultation- Linda Coughlan – Digestive and Mental Health

”I found Mira a year or so ago when I was struggling with gut and mental health issues. Her offering of Skype sessions made it much easier to fit into my hectic schedule. As a sufferer of depression and anxiety for almost a decade, I had  always previously relied on medication to keep going. I wanted to start treating myself with nutrition instead of medication. Mira is so kind hearted and approachable. This made a huge difference in enabling me to open up about my personal experiences. Not only did she help me with the nutritional aspect of my life but also encouraged me into different breathing techniques. And above all, minding and loving myself. Her sessions and words were so sincere. To feel that someone really wants to help you makes all the difference in helping yourself. She coached me into a better life for myself. And I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling in any part of their health.”

Linda Coughlan.

1-1 Health Coaching- Bernard Turley -Moods digestive issues

”After struggling with low moods and anxiety for many years, the comprehensive diet plan provided was a big help in lifting myself ‘out of a hole’, removing certain foods and making the right substitutions, I felt my energy levels rise and my moods lift simply as a result of feeling better (less bloating, indigestion etc.).

Whilst not being able to keep to the whole plan over the longer term, I have managed to keep some aspects of the plan (e.g. avoidance of certain foods, addition of seeds into my meals) and they are now part of my daily/weekly diet. This has been a contributing factor in being able to maintain a more stable and positive outlook in the years since. It became apparent that I could not expect my body to run well on inadequate nutrition and not impact adversely on my moods and emotion.” Bernard Turley

1-1 Health Coaching- Zsackline & Owen (couple) – Health

  • Owen has been suffering from digestive issues, heartburn, reflux, blood sugar imbalance
  • Zsackline was dealing with chronic constipation –


”Hi there, I would like to share our experience with Mira. Last year my husband and I went to Mira for personal nutrition advice. She took time and effort to give us a very detailed report on how to change our diet. It was a major change for us, we had to throw out all the food from our cupboard and replace it with nutritious food. But it was worth it. We have lost weight, we had lots of energy and my husband never suffered from digestive problems, reflux or cramps. I would recommend everyone to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!
Thank you very much, Mira, for all your help!” Zsackline


Cooking demo & 1-1 Health Coaching- Debbie

”Attending one to one sessions with Mira ..loving them as so informative re health diet and nutriti0n” Debs

1-1 coaching- Mariola- Chronic Constipation-High White Blood Counts- Bone Health

  • Has this program changed your life? 

Yes. We are eating more fruits and veg and drinking more water.

  • What did you like lost in this Program?

In a very nice + friendly atmosphere, I learned what to eat and what not to

  • What did you learn from the program? 

I learned that mental health and having time for myself is equally important as physical health.

Would you recommend this service to a friend or family member?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it!

Mariola was relieved with constipation at her first week with extra natural colon support- At week 7 Mariola is having up to 2 bowel movements per day with no extra support. Just eating and sufficient fluid intake. Mira

Cooking Demo- Judith- Needed help with cooking and recipes & hormonal Health 

Judith attended my cooking Workshops and recommended her friends – ”I attended one of Miras workshops. I learnt so much!! She gave us lots of useful information about nutrition and how it effects our wellbeing. She focussed on women’s health and talked about her own story which helped reinforce the importance of what she was teaching us. The atmosphere was so lovely, meeting other women and having lots of laughs.Most importantly, the food she made was amazing!! I’m not a great cook but I came away feeling like “I can do that too!!” Her blog and Facebook page has loads of recipes and advice so no excuses for me not to keep up the good work.” Judith

Jennifer AC- Recipes

”Excellent recipes and very easy to prepare! Thanks for your tips Mira

     Toshee- Social Media Reader

”Encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit- Your honest views about REAL life” Toshee

Belen- Recipes

”Nutritious and yummy recipes for all the family!! ” Belen



Cooking Demo in Northern Ireland – Ruth

”Hey Mira. I made this yesterday and today. Had to use almond milk as had no coconut milk in the house. It is so yummy and refreshing! Thanks for sharing!” Here is a link to the Vanilla Smoothie Recipe


Karina- Recipes

”Made your yummy Beetroot Hummus today! Delicious and so easy to make!”

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