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Sourdough Blueberry Pancake

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Sourdough blueberry pancakes, unlike the traditional pancake this sourdough version offers a more complex flavor, they are tarter, richer and slightly more dense. The traditional process of sourdough fermentation enhances the nutrient profile of grains , deactivating naturally occurring anti-nutrients while also increasing folate content and the availability of minerals.  Few months ago when I not so accidentally stumbled upon cooked,  a Netflix documentary that explores food through the lenses of the four natural elements – fire, water, air and earth. ”COOKED is an enlightening and compelling look at the evolution of what food means to us through the history of food preparation and its universal ability to connect us. Highlighting our primal human need to cook, the series urges a return to the kitchen to reclaim our lost traditions and to forge a deeper, more meaningful connection to the ingredients and cooking techniques that we use to nourish ourselves”.

I am neither a chef nor an expert in food yet the special connection to food is as long as I remember. I’ve never been to a culinary school. I have never won a competition nor do I want to. Because food for me is more than just that. I spend quite a large amount of time watching food related documentaries and TV programmes and reading about food. The food chemistry intrigues me. This passion wasn’t a coincidence, it was leading me to a greater understanding.


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When I started on that narrow path to transform my health through food it was like a blind faith. I had no idea if it was going to work. My ongoing health difficulties pushed me to believe that what I ate was one of the biggest issue I had to resolve. If you’ve read my previous posts or my about page you’ll have an idea why and how I stopped taking antidepressants, healed my daily migraine attacks and chronic fatigue. I figured if whatever I was doing wasn’t working then I had to change them. Fortunately I realized that and took my health into my hands and started feeding my body properly. There were signs of nutritional deficiency all the way since my first depression episode to my daily migraine attacks but there was no body to ask that question. I had several doctors visit and none of them ever asked me about the food I ate, whether I eat proper, was I lacking in any vitamins or minerals. I am still waiting to see a head specialist  for over 2 years for those migraine attacks. Thankfully I don’t get them anymore otherwise I would probably be in a dark room in pain rather than writing this blog. I used to sit hopeless, sleepless, unmotivated, depressed, suicidal but today I feel alive again. I want new things, I feel energetic, I don’t feel sluggish and my thoughts are clear. I give it all to eating clean and wholesome.

In the same documentary, they also covered bread making. How it was being made in the early days with only 3 ingredients. We had stopped buying bread before I watched the documentary but we missed it. There is something about bread that we all want and crave. It’s also an easy option for lunches and a quick fix. Bread doesn’t have to be in the bad book though. If made the proper way, bread is not as bad as we label it. That’s where I learnt about sourdough.

Some additional research on sourdough and I had made up my mind to start making my bread.  (hubby didn’t believe I would stick to the process but I proved him wrong). It is a little time-consuming I admit but we all like the taste and texture of the bread and more importantly it’s healthy. No preservatives, no additives, no yeast!! plus it taste like proper bread. Sourdough bread is also easier on the digestive system.  I don’t feel bloated like I used to when eating the other types of bread.

A week or so after watching the program I had my sourdough starter ready. This process takes 5 days. I have read people using the same starter for years and years. It’s basically a mixture of flour and water that needs feeding everyday to keep active. The fermented starter which works as the wild yeast is then added to more flour and water to form a dough. We are very pleased with our sourdough bread, even the kids have taken into it.

I will be sharing the recipe in coming weeks. So for today It’s a sourdough blueberry pancake recipe.  I wanted to ferment the pancake batter for a healthier version. I have been using spelt flour from the beginning but I guess you can  substitute it for rye or buckwheat flour. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.

And if you have special recipe you want me to try simply comment below or send me an email.

Sourdough Blueberry Pancake

Sourdough Blueberry Pancake


  • 1 cup sourdough starter
  • 2 cups of spelt flour
  • 2 ripe bananas mashed (optional)
  • 1 cup of fresh blueberries
  • Water as required
  • 2 table spoon of coconut oil


  1. Beat sourdough starter with flour, then place the batter into a mixing bowl, cover it and allow it to rest at room temperature for at least 5 hours or overnight.
  2. After the resting time if the batter looks too thick you can thin it with a bit of milk or water.
  3. If using bananas you can add them now.
  4. Also add the blueberries and stir to mix.
  5. Grease a non-stick pan and cook each pancake until bubbles begin to rise to the surface, about 2 to 3 minutes, then flip and continue to cook a further 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. Continue working in batches, until you use up all of the batter. Greasing the pan whenever needed.
  7. Serve the pancakes with some chopped fruits and a hot cup of tea.
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In this recipe I have been using 100% spelt starter and 100% spelt flour but you can substitute them both for another flour such as buckwheat or rye. Sourdough starter can be bought in your bought in health stores.

I hope this post inspires you to eat cleaner. If you are new to cooking then start somewhere, Just get cooking, one step at a time.



  1. Kimberly
    March 29, 2020 / 8:52 am

    2 cups of flour to 1 cup of starter?? I have a very wet sd starter and 1to1 ratio is all I could mix together. I created a somewhat dry ball of dough. There’s no way I can integrate another cup. Is it still going to produce a palatable pancake?

    • Mira
      April 9, 2020 / 2:40 am

      Hi Kimberly, thank you for your message. as I said on the post that all the starters are very different. Some has a wet starter some dryer so mix as much or as little that you see is good to achieve a palatable pancake.

      You get the idea that it is a pancake 🙂

      Let us know how you got on at the end!

  2. May 10, 2016 / 9:10 pm

    They look yummy, and so simple to make. Must try them the weekend 🙂

    • Mira
      May 11, 2016 / 8:10 am

      Thank you Kellie, do you have the sourdough starter already?

  3. May 9, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    Your pancakes look so delicious and I must try them home. 🙂

    • Mira
      May 10, 2016 / 3:31 pm

      Thanks Steffani, do let me know if you try them. You would love them.

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