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 Hello, I am Mira!

Imagine yourself finally standing firmly, looking straight in that mirror and seeing clearly how beautiful and strong you are. No dark clouds of self-doubts or fears to blur this image.


Join me in this transformation journey packed with guidance and support through nutrition coaching that will leave you empowered and help you unwrap a gift that you already hold: the power to harness true happiness from within.

Nutrition Coaching

Hello! I’m Mira, a mother of four, a Qualified Nutritional Therapist, a depression warrior and a passionate cook. My journey was definitely not the smoothest or the happiest but dealing with life’s many challenges have taught me something: Education is key to unlocking a better health and ensuring your well-being, body and mind.

Being a Qualified Nutritional Therapist enabled be to support my passion in guiding women from all walks of life to cultivate an honest and healthy relationship with food.

As all bodies and life experiences are gracefully different, I pour my heart and expertise in each of my nutrition coaching for them to walk out of this chapter with all the tools needed to embrace confidently a bright new journey.

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Your body is pure and it needs to be nourished by real unprocessed food. It also needs to be fueled with endless support and virtual hugs, and I’m all here for it!


Grab my  tried and tested nourishing recipes that supports your health and  reclaim your confidence through smaller habits. I invite you to pick your journey towards a blooming new you. 

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