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Nutritious Mangetout Salad With Left Over Roast Potato & Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing


is a pea with an edible pod, It’s eaten when the pod is young and flat. The sweetness of this pea pod is a great addition to salads and stir-fries.

There are two types of mange tout peas. Flat-podded peas, where the pod remains flat and the peas do not swell and sugar snap peas or round-podded peas, which swell within the pod but the pod remains edible. Mange tout peas are eaten whole and have a delicate flavour, providing they are not over cooked. They are best blanched and refreshed or stir-fried. They can also be eaten raw. Peas are classified as pulses or legumes (alongside beans and lentils). They are rich in good quality protein, which makes them the ideal choice of meat substitute for the vegetarian.Mange tout are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and a good source of fibre and thiamin.

Nutritional Value

Nutrient Raw Cooked
Energy kJ 136 111
Kcal 32 26
Protein g 3.6 3.2
Carbohydrate g 4.2 3.3
Fat g 0.2 0.1

A good source of…

Nutrient Raw Cooked
Fibre One Tick One Tick
Vitamin A One TickOne TickOne TickOne Tick One TickOne TickOne TickOne Tick
Vitamin C One TickOne TickOne TickOne Tick One TickOne Tick
Thiamin One Tick

For more information on nutrition and the details given above, check out our nutrition page.

Preparing and Using

In top condition the pods should be bright green and lively looking. Mange tout just need to be topped and tailed before cooking. They should be cooked quickly in rapidly boiling water with a sprig of mint, or steamed (they are easy to overcook). Stir-fried, add at the last minute to ensure they remain crisp. Mangetout can be eaten raw added to salads.

Mange tout can be used in Spring rolls, as a garnish and as a vegetable side dish. They are used in oriental dishes and soups. Ingredients and flavours that go with mange tout include soy sauce, ginger, coriander, sesame oil, mint,oyster sauce, spring onions and pine nuts. Article source: Bord Bia Irish Food Board


Mangetout Salad With Left Over Roast Potato, Rocket and Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 4

Mangetout Salad With Left Over Roast Potato, Rocket and Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing


  • 2 cups of roasted potatoes
  • 150g of mixed green leaves,like watercress, rocket and spinach
  • 250g of mange tout
  • 1/4 pomegranate seeds
  • 2 shallots finely sliced
  • 1 small clove of garlic crushed
  • 3 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1-2 table spoon of organic apple cider vinegar
  • Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper to taste


  1. We are using left over potatoes in this recipe but if you intend to roast it specially for this salad, make sure it's cold.
  2. Start by putting all the dressing ingredients into a jar. Seal it and shake to mix. You can keep this dressing in the fridge for up-to 3 days. The onions will be pickled and zingy by then but it's OK to eat.
  3. Slice the mange tout diagonally like in the first image above, then place in a big mixing bowl.
  4. Add the potatoes and the green leaves.
  5. Just before serving, add the dressing and mix all.
  6. Garnish with the pomegranate seeds and serve with my Baked Mackerel
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