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Nutrients For Blood Sugar Balance

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Do you suffer from recurrent dives in mood,concentration and energy? Do you reach for sugary snack, coffee, fizzy drinks or chocolate to pick you up? Only to feel crankier and more exhausted shortly afterward? Then let me tell you that by improving your eating habits, you can step off the blood sugar seesaw.

On the list below , tick the symptoms that apply to you more or less daily.

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Cravings for sweet foods or drinks/coffee/tea/cigarettes
  • a need for regular snacks
  • lapses in mood/concentration/memory
  • difficulty making decisions
  • light headedness
  • sweating for no apparent reason
  • butterflies in stomach for no reason
  • difficulty getting to sleep or waking in the night
  • headaches
  • palpitations

If you clicked 6 or more of the above symptoms, you may be having difficulty keeping your blood sugar balanced. 3 o’clock in the afternoon and  we are yawning, then goes the concentration.  A chocolate bar or a coffee will probably wake you up until the next yawn.

Lapses in mood and energy is often linked to blood sugar  balance. High or low.  These in turn are linked to the food we consume, sugary, sweet or starchy foods. These food will temporarily satisfy the cravings, tiredness or crankiness.

Maintaining an even blood sugar-levels is so important in mood improvement.

There is a huge pay off if you choose to eliminate most sugars from your diet. You will feel better than you ever have. You will still get the good feelings that you use to get from the sugary stuff (the increase in serotonin and beta-endorphin) but this time it will be in a new way. You can intentionally create your own good feelings with your own choice of food. And the new you, you will like a lot.

Start by eating your breakfast. Skipping the most important meal of the day sets the scene for fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Nutrients For Blood Sugar Balance

In order to maintain even blood sugar levels, we need a full range of nutrients, which are best obtained from a varied, balanced diet.



Dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, soya


Almonds, fish, green leafy vegetables, molasses, nuts, soya beans, sunflower seeds,wheatgerm


Beef, brewer’s yeast, chicken eggs, fish, fruit, milk products, potatoes, whole grains

Vitamin B1:

Beef Kidney and liver, brewer’s yeast,chickpeas, kidney beans, pork, rice bran, salmon, soya beans, sunflower seeds, wheatgerm, wholegrain wheat and rye

Vitamin B2:

Almonds, brewer’s yeast, cheese, chicken, wheatgerm

Vitamin B3:

Beef liver, brewer’s yeast, cheese, sunflower seeds, turkey

Vitamin B5:

Blue cheese, brewer’s yeast, corn, eggs, lentils, liver, lobster, meats, peanuts, peas, soya beans, sunflower seeds, wheatgerm, whole grains

Vitamin C:

Blackcurrants, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, grapefruit, green peppers,guava, kale, lemons, oranges, papaya, potatoes, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, watercress


Buckwheat, fish, mushrooms, parsley, shellfish, soya


Barley, buckwheat, dried fruit, green leafy vegetables, nuts, oats, seaweed, wholegrain



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