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Natural Homemade Face Scrub Recipe

Because of its Friday. Here is a natural face or body scrub for you! I’ve been using it for years. Let me know if you will try it.

Natural Face Scrub

*Extra Virgin Coconut oil about 1 tablespoon
*Brown sugar or coconut sugar about 1/2 a teaspoon (whichever you have available)

  1. Directions
    Mix and use, as simple as that! It can be used for face and body.

This is for approximately 1 use but mix more or less if you need more.

For some fancy touch, you can crumble some dried rose petals or lavender but it’s not necessary as I don’t do it either.

Pretty much everything you need for this scrub, you’ll be able to find in your kitchen without a special trip to the shop.

You’ll be surprised that what you put inside your body to keep it healthy is just as effective on its exterior. This is one of the homemade scrubs you’ll come back to again and again.

I usually do this when I am in the bath usually a Friday- a little bit of ‘me time’ is a must as a mum. And ‘me time with a skin care love’ is a double win.

Do you have a ‘self-care’ routine?

When it comes to your skin health, however, I always recommend the beauty inside out. Your skin becomes what you eat and drink. If you have dry skin, check your hydration level and your Essential Fatty Acid. You would have heard that avocados are good for your skin and there have been many creams being sold out there containing a tiny pinch of avocados! Why then not start eating it! Do you know what I mean? Read my blog post on a Glowing Summer Skin Here

I also have a glowing juice recipe here

If you have any skin condition that you would like to discuss with me. You can book a session with me here





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