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natural Home Remedied For Cold and Flu


Me too! Having my three young kids at school and the creche is somehow inevitable. One of them gets it the others 5 of us will more likely get it.

Staying free from cold or flu is indeed impossible, even the healthiest of person will eventually catch a cold or flu but what varies is the length of the recovery from person to person. Its recovery time then depends on their general health and lifestyle. If you’ve had too many colds and flus lately then it’s time to work on your immunity.

The Immune System is a vital network of organs, cells and tissues and fluids that work together to protect the body. The Immunity is the protection from diseases. It’s the ability to destroy pathogens and foreign invaders from entering the body.


Natural Ways to Boost The Immune System e-guide

As healthy as I think I eat and try to manage my stress, I have 2 rounds of cold/flu in the month of January. It’s also true that I haven’t had one in years so while reflecting on my own health, I realised that December and January have been a particularly busy and stressful month for me. Not to forget the Vitamin D Deficiency has a brown skin Island girl has to face in a country like Ireland especially in the winter months.

This is how I was inspired to write this blog post. I also realise how fond I am of using home remedies less when I am sick because I will just retire to bed. But when my kids and husband are sick, these are the best time for me to use what I am learning as a Nutritional Therapy student and what I learnt from growing up in an Island where the first medicine is always home remedies using basic herbs and spices.

I am going to share some of what I use with my family and clients. Of course, there are more ways to build your immune System which I would only advice to my one-on-one clients after thoroughly looking at where they are at health wise.

I hope you find this helpful and as always I appreciate your comments and please feel free to share the many ways you help your family using home-remedies.

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, any advice given here doesn’t encourage you to replace the care of your Medical Practitioner. Always work closely with your Health Practitioner.


  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory System
  • Body Aches
  • Dry/ Sore Throat
  • Coughing
  • Chapped Lips


At first sign of any sickness in my house, the first rule becomes to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water and/or herbal teas support the natural healing process of the body. Water is crucial because it is required for every function of the body.



Add slices of lemon and ginger in warm water. Keep a flask of warm water and ginger on your bedside and keep sipping with slices of lemon.

Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidant which is a great aid for cold and flu. (make sure not to add it to boiling water)

Ginger: The natural anti-inflammatory nature of ginger helps reduce swelling of the throat, nasal passage, reduces fever and relieves pain.

Both lemon and ginger helps to clear congestion and sinuses.


Elderberry tea or any other berry tea can support your immune system and keep you hydrated at the same time. The fruity taste is like a warm hug and soothing to the throat.


When you lose a lot of water from coughing, sneezing and sweating, a lot of essential sodium can be lost as well. Having a good electrolyte drink (rich in minerals) is beneficial. When I say electrolyte drinks, by no mean suggesting you get the sugar loaded ones from the shop.

My first favourite is coconut water as it soothes the throat and more pleasant to drink.

Then is my homemade broth, with the decreased appetite bone broth is a great way to make sure you get all the beneficial nutrients your body needs to fight the invader.

Check out this LEMONGRASS BONE BROTH that can be made in a slow cooker or Instant Pot so you don’t have to work a sweat while being sick.  This one is a must when fighting a cold or flu. You can make it without the lime leaves if you don’t have it.  It has double the benefit of ginger.



Lemongrass tea is most often used in home remedies for various health issues. You can brew the tea by steeping one teaspoon of freshly chopped lemongrass root in a cup of hot water for about 10 minutes and drink. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help your body cope with coughs, fever and other cold and flu symptoms. Plus, it is loaded with vitamin C that boosts your immune system to fight the infection. Lemongrass can be effective in breaking down mucus and phlegm buildup, which can alleviate problems with breathing. TRY THIS LEMONGRASS & GINGER BONE BROTH

OR Just the usual healing BONE BROTH .


Ginger Syrup has been used for so long in the old medicine, there are different ways you can use it such as porridge toppings, spread, a sweetener for your tea or straight off the spoon.

To help wake you up your sinuses, add it to a cup of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper.


  1. 1/2 cup of fresh ginger (peeled and chopped)
  2. 1 cup of water
  3. 1 cinnamon stick
  4. 1/2 cup of raw, local honey


Add water, ginger and cinnamon stick to a pot and bring to a boil.

 Reduce the heat and simmer until liquid is reduced by half. This should take around 30 minutes.

 Strain to remove ginger. Allow liquid to cool to room temperature, then stir in honey.

Transfer ginger syrup to a jar and store in the fridge.

Rotating between a few of these fluids can work best to keep you hydrated. Paired with adequate rest, a good diet, and some time, you’ll soon be back to feeling good as new.


If you open my first aid box, you will only find a selection of essential oils from managing stress to cuts and burns. My favourite way to use them is a foot rub and diffusing it in all the bedrooms. Even in my kid’s room.

Essential oils can relieve cold and flu symptoms, such as headaches, bodily aches and pains, fatigue, congestion and stuffed up airways.

I suggest several methods of using essential oils for colds and the flu. Some methods for cold and flu prevention and relief are:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Bath Blends
  • Massage Blends
  • Diffusers
  • Hot and Cold Compresses
  • Steam Inhalation

Frankincense essential oil has exceptional rejuvenating and healing properties. It has natural cold-fighting properties, such as antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties which make it an ideal essential oil for treating a cold or the flu. Frankincense is also useful for reducing anxiety which is a common sign of missing work when you get sick.

Hot Bath: The steam will act as a decongestant, and the blend will help to reduce aches and pains ─

  • 2 drops frankincense essential oil
  • 2 drops orange essential oil
  • 1 drop eucalyptus essential oil
  • Mix the oils in the bath water

Steam Inhalation: This will help relieve congestion and stuffed up airways ─

MASSAGE BLENDS: In a mason jar full of melted coconut oil (eg 100 ml), add few drops (5-10 drops each) of eucalyptus oil, clove oil and camphor oil. Mix and use as many times as needed in a day.  Oregano oil helps build the immune system. Rub on the foot and around the chest area.

Eucalyptus essential oil comprises about 72% eucalyptol making it an effective remedy for chesty coughs and to ease breathing.

*Do not take eucalyptus essential oil orally, as it can be toxic.


Chapped lips is usually caused when you’re exposed to the sun or cold, or when breathing with open mouth which usually is the case when you have a blocked nose during a cold or flu.  The lips can become very dry and often times bleed. But this can be treated and better in about a week. I suggested using nothing but some coconut oil every few minutes till it’s better. Moreover staying hydrated will also help greatly.

Remember that reducing cold symptoms cannot be accomplished by just one action or step. It takes a lot of healthy choices working together to strengthen your immune system and fight off a cold.

Natural Ways to Boost The Immune System e-guide

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