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Leeks and sweetcorn Fried Rice

What do you do with left over rice? I like it when I have some left over rice because that means I can make something special for me for lunch. I love my rice.. Though I try not to eat it everyday.

Leeks and sweetcorn Fried rice 009



  • Leeks and sweetcorn Fried Rice

    Number of servings: 3

    Per Serving 181 calories

    Fat 10 g

    Carbs 21 g

    Protein 3 g



    1 cup cooked rice

    2 tbsp Oil

    1/4 cup Leeks Finely chopped

    2 tomatoes chopped

    1/4 cup sweetcorn

    a pinch of Turmeric

    a pinch Paprika

    A pinch Cumin


    1. Heat a wok with oil.
    2. Add the chopped leeks cook for 5 minutes.
    3. Add tomatoes, sweetcorn, turmeric, paprika and cumin and cook until tomatoes are soft and reduced.
    4. Add rice season and fry until all are well mixed.
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