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How to make a Hearty Steak and Barley Soup

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<div style=Do you spend a lot of time thinking what to make for dinner? I do, but I suppose this is what you do when you are a mother, isn’t it? Come on ladies, talk to me, tell me what you do. How do you plan your dinners at home. I would love to hear and learn from you all. Back to me, I am the cook in our house during the week. I usually plan my dinners before I do the shopping but the last few weeks I have been a bit all over the place. We’ve been going shopping with no shopping list which naturally enough ends badly where the shopping budget is concerned! Even with a full fridge it seems like there’s nothing to eat in there! Ok I’m just rambling, this all must say something about my state of mind. Being a mother of 3 is not and easy job. Anyway Soup in this warm weather seems strange but I needed to use up some of the veggies and honestly I wanted some hearty healthy food in my body. And and and it’s in one pot so less dishes! I just had to brown the meat, add all the ingredients and simmer. I thought I was cooking enough for 2 nights, how wrong I was. I sometimes cook in the morning so that I can take the picture in the natural sunlight so at 12 o’clock I was in the back garden taking pictures. When I was finished I sat down and ate both of the bowl of soup you see in the picture. I meant to have one but it was too bloody good! Ssshhh…

How to make a Hearty Steak and Barley Soup

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours

Number of servings: 6

Per Serving 404 calories

Fat 17 g

Carbs 48 g

Protein 18 g


How to make a Hearty Steak and Barley Soup


400g Beef Steak cut into small pieces

1 tbsp ginger and garlic finely chopped

2 tbsp Oil

5 Carrots diced

3 Parsnips diced

2 Celery Sticks diced

a handful Parsley and Thyme roughly chopped

2 Handful of pearl Barley

1 Vegetable stock cube

Water 800 ml

6 small Potatoes  cut into 4

Salt to taste


  1. Heat the oil in a big pot. Add the meat, ginger and garlic and cook till browned
  2. Add onions and celery and cook for 5 minutes
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients except the potatoes. Season. Add water and simmer till the vegetables and the barley are almost done
  4. Add the potatoes and simmer until potatoes are cooked
  5. Check for seasoning and serve
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