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Health Benefits Of Salmon

Grilled Salmon (1 of 1)

Many people assume that all fat is bad for them. However, some fats called essential fatty acids are not only healthy but play a vital role in brain function. Increasing your intake of these ”good” fats and eating less of the ”bad” fats can have a noticeable impact on your moods. These essential fatty acid are needed for heart, brain, nervous system, hormones, skin, water balance and immunity. 

If you are not a vegetarian or vegan however you can get a good intake of omega-3 by eating flax,hemp or chia seeds ground into your meals.

However if you are a fish lover, Salmon is a very good source of quality lean protein and will provide you with a rich dose of omega-3 fatty acids. The level of omega-3 fatty acids to the level of omega-6 fatty acids is optimal in salmon and as such is considered to be a great anti-inflammatory. 4 ounces of baked or broiled salmon contains at least 2 grams of omega-3 fats.

Cardivascular Benefits

Intake of fish rich in omega-3 fat (including salmon) is associated with decreased risk of numerous cardiovascular problems including: heart attack, stroke, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure and high triglycerides in the blood. Intake of omega-3-containing fish is also associated with improved metabolic markers for cardiovascular disease. Some cardiovascular benefits from omega-3 fat in fish like salmon start with only one omega-3 fish meal per week. Most of the benefits, however, start to show up in research studies with somewhat higher fish intake, along the lines of 2-3 times per week. In most studies, one serving of fish is approximately 6 ounces. Studies of fish intake and cardiovascular risk sometimes measure benefits against total grams of omega-3 fats obtained in the daily diet. In many of these studies, a daily minimum of 2 grams of omega-3 is required for measurable cardiovascular protection. (Remember that this 2-gram amount is the amount contained in approximately 4 ounces of cooked salmon.) 

 Improved Mood and Cognition

Many Intake of omega-3 and omega-3 containing fish is associated with decreased risk of depression, decreased risk of hostility in some studies of teenagers, and decreased risk of cognitive decline in older persons. Some studies have shown an association between IQ and omega-3 intake, and also between IQ and intake of omega-3 fish.

 Joint Protection

Several recent studies have found that salmon contains small bio active protein molecules called (bioactive peptides) that may provide special support for joint cartilage, Insulin effectiveness and control of inflammation of the digestive tract.

The health benefits of salmon doesn’t end here,it has many more such as for the eyes and other selenium-related benefits.

List of Anti-Arthritis Foods for Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers


Grilled Salmon (1 of 1)-3


If you are preparing certified organic farmed salmon or wild-caught Alaskan or Atlantic salmon, you may want to leave the skin intact since it contains health supportive nutrients, including peptides with anti-inflammatory potential. Otherwise its recommended to remove the skin as it may contain measurable amounts of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) when salmon swim in contaminated waters.


Grilled Salmon Fillet

Cooking Salmon

The best ways to cook salmon is by using a method that will keep it moist and tender. Overcooked Salmon becomes quiet dry. It is best to grill salmon on a surface without direct flame. Burning can damage nutrients and create free radicals that can be harmful to your health. Try a few Salmon Recipes and let me know how you liked it. My favorite flavoring to compliment salmon is ginger, tamari or soy sauce or dill and cucumber.

Here is some more health benefits of Salmon.

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