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Few things to consider before Paying for a Networking Event

“It is time to shed the burdens of the past year and come up fresh and alive.”Sadhguru”

I just can’t believe we are already the first of May! Where is time going? But even if time is running fast, I am making this my affirmation of the month.

I was inspired to write this blog post went was planning my thought for an Instagram post ” You are not too old” for anything!

I refuse to be normal, I want to surprise myself and know the amazing things I can do.
This may mean anything for you.  What is the one thing that you always want to do but never got a chance to do it?

Something realistic, achievable?

Mine, for this year, is attending at least one networking event per month. I can be pretty comfortable working behind the screen, therefore, I need to push myself and meet people outside.

See I complain with my husband that I don’t go out, I am a foreigner, I don’t have anyone here for me and then I don’t even do much to get out. I am very happy to stay in and read a book in bed. But then once I am out, I love it and love being around people.

So the complains are not quite the truth, but I do feel like I need to make an extra effort and find my community and make friends.

Being married to my Irish man, I know I am here for life so I don’t want to continue living in isolation and be depressed about it.

I want to contribute to this nation and serve others. This gives me a sense of belonging in return and networking is one way for me to meet new people and learn.

I went to one event in April,  the blogger’s and of course, I enjoyed it so so much. Relaxed environment, food, and laughter.

I booked one with Vicky and Lauren at reset me for June. It is all about Vision Board. I am not much interested in the vision board making as my vision changes 5 times a day, between studying, work, family life. Which one will I tackle first? However, I want to go and see how others are doing it and when the time comes for me to do one, I know how, and also I love Vicky and Lauren, they are real people doing real life!

They have a retreat Business The Reset Me. I was in one of their retreats last June actually.  It was the best thing I had done for myself in a while. We were a group of  12-15 people I think. We talked and shared stories together.  There were fun, food, fitness and tears, women and tears no surprise!

Coming out of these two events, gave me immense joy,  energy and felt like we all belong and we are all enough.

Almost a year later, I still hold on to this energy and love we received from the group. If you are a mum and are looking to get out for a little bit, make sure to check them out.

But now I have to look for an event for the month of May. My calendar is really full for this month but taking time to connect with others give me energy so I would like to do it.
Have you any networking group that you can suggest for me?

“If you are always trying to be normal you will
never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelou

Few things to consider before paying for a networking event

  1. Be specific about ”why” you want to go to an event.
  2. Start from the ”why” and see if this can be achieved by the event you have in mind
  3. Do not attend an event just because of FOMO, Fear of missing out (it happens)
  4. Know your budget – can you afford it or is it going to leave you with more stress?
  5. Be aware that you may have to spend some more to buy drinks, food and travel expenses.
  6. Travel distance – how are you going to get there? How long will it take? This happened to me, I got the address wrong and was at the event over an hour late.
  7. Be bold and brave,  if you feel curious and want to learn from others then do it!
  8. Once you are there, make sure to be yourself, have fun, don’t be afraid of just being you.
  9. Talk to other people, be really positively curious about their stories. I bet you will get more from learning peoples stories than anything else.

Now, I would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts on the new networking trend? Why do people go to events?


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