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Energy Flows Where Intention Goes| Create Your Day


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s Live Each Day This Week With A SPECIFIC INTENTION!  Happy New Year!!  Let’s kick off 2018 with one of the most powerful forces in the universe….intention!


Most of us wake up and then get quickly sucked up into the business of each day.  However, the difference in your day is INCREDIBLE when you start each day with one single, specific “intention.”


Basically, it’s a single underlying goal or “mantra” for the entire day.


Maybe it’s health-related – “To do whatever I can to support my health goals.” Maybe it’s to be of service to others.  Or perhaps you’re more focused on your business or career goals on a given day. (BTW, there can be overlap between all of those things!)


That’s your challenge for this week: setting an intention for your day, and then refocusing yourself on it if you find yourself getting off-track.


This is important because having an intention goes far beyond checking things off your “to-do list” – it goes towards *why* those things are on your list in the first place.


You’d be surprised the difference that setting a daily intention can make when it comes to conquering your goals.  The less important stuff tends to fall away, saving you time and energy for things that will create the most impact.


You might notice that every day your intention is a little different … which is OK (and actually a great thing!).


Once you have your intention, check in every hour or so and bring it to the front of your mind.  This will allow you to be fully present with whatever your intention is – which can also actually help reduce stress.


Something that may help is wearing a bracelet, where every time you look at it, you remind yourself of your intention.


Something else that’s awesome…., if you’ve got Google Chrome, you definitely need to check out the “Momentum” extension.   It not only helps remind you of your daily intention each time you open a new browser window, but it also integrates with a bunch of different productivity apps that help you create a to-do list for the day. 🙂


Check it out here (it’s totally free): Momentum


Are you up for setting an intention every day this week!?

Let us know in the comments below!  And if you’re feeling it, please share what your first intention will be with the rest of us!

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