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Do you need a ”Pick Me Up Treat”?


Do you suffer from the ongoing dives in the mood, concentration and energy?  Is the sugary snack or cup of afternoon coffee a need to ” pick you up” only to find out that it doesn’t last. Then you feel grumpier.

I certainly have been there!

Do you think the reason we reach the ”treat” is because we physically feel tired OR is it an emotional state?

We feel like we need to reward ourselves for all the tasks we’ve carried all day. Dropping the kids to school, collecting them, cleaning, putting on the wash and calling you mam :). It’s 3 pm and it’s now time you grab a cuppa before you tackle kids homework then cooking dinner? You certainly can do with some energy kick!

At the same time, I believe it’s not that simple, around 3 o’clock you also want some reward, someone to say you covered yet another day and you need a pat on the back because I deserve it? What do we do when it’s almost impossible to hear the praises daily? We reach out for a reward ourselves, the little pleasures of life that we can grab on. Sometimes these are our lifeline, isn’t it?  Tell me that I’m not on my own in this?

Well, there’s often time that a treat is needed and rewarding behaviours is something we were brought up with.

It’s hard to let go of that little joy that we get from a small packet of biscuit. Why would anyone think it’s bad when for you it may be more than just a small packet of biscuit. Afterall we deserve it!


Yes, we do, we all deserve rewards for all the beautiful work we do in life. Small or big we are all deserving.  And I still buy an occasional packet of crisp or biscuit and enjoy it when I feel like it. I am not going to allow anyone to take that from me.

However, a few years back I had too let go of it because of my health. But these little little treats were adding up and my energy level was dependent on biscuits and sugar. The daily treats wasn’t helping me or my family.

It wasn’t just the biscuit though, it was the way I was with my body. I thought it was ok for me to dump anything in my body. But it wasn’t. Our body has the power to heal itself and deal with a lot. But until a point. When you cross that point that’s when you hear the signs coming.



The science will tell you that your blood sugar needs regulating and some of the symptoms signs associated with a Blood Sugar Imbalance are when:

  • You were told you are a ‘hangry’ person.
  • you are very irritable if you don’t eat on time and say things you later regret.
  • You feel like a brand new person after you eat.
  • You find it difficult to lose weight.
  • You constantly crave sugar.
  • You wake up to pee at night
  • You often feel anxious and sluggish.
  • You find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused.
  • You have trouble sleeping through the night.

If you said yes to any of these, then don’t stress!. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to better balance your blood sugar, improve your energy, enhance your mood, productivity and metabolism.
Blood sugar imbalance is very common with mums I work with too and it’s often time the same:”feeling drained and lethargic”.

As much as there are valid reasons for mums to be feeling tired around the thousands of things we deal with daily,  there is also an underlying reason for us to feel drained and lethargic and just craving sugar.

It’s a vicious cycle, to be honest. I remember being there. The headaches, the waking up at night to pee and not being able to go back to sleep again even when I was extremely tired. Then being more tired because of the lack of sleep. The crankiness and anger were stealing our joy as a family. And you wouldn’t believe that your blood sugar level can be very responsible at causing this havoc in your body.

Self Care/Stress Management


Our body speaks to us in many ways and while being unwell and tired it’s difficult to hear what it’s exactly saying but if you are reading this today and you can relate then let’s talk. I would love to help you on your journey.  We can work on a simple blood sugar regulating plan for you that suits your lifestyle.

It’s a few easy to follow steps and consistency. No rigid plans.

As a mum, I was always tired. As I said before that my recovery was much more than just blood sugar level but fixing this fixed a lot of my other issues. It’s not a magical pill but honestly regulating your blood sugar level can be one of the easiest things to do.

I was in a better mood, better energy to look after my family which gave me more energy to work on my other health issues.

Book a consult with me here. I will reply in a few hours.

But there is something you can do from today until we talk.

  1. Download this Food Dairy
  2. Start by writing every single thing you eat, drink and feel.
  3. Eating a wholesome, protein-packed breakfast that starts your day off right.
  4. If you snack always add protein to the snack.
  5. Lunchtime – Make sure to add some healthy Fat and protein.
  6. Dinner time – same as lunch above.

I hope the 5 simple tips will keep you until we talk. You can do this! Because you deserve it the most!


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