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So hello and Welcome back to the carbohydrate section of the Nutrition 101 guide. I’m glad you even clicked on it as so many of us has made carbs the new enemy. It used to be low fat.

Let’s be clear on this, carbohydrates are not the enemy, in-fact we require carbohydrates to fuel our body.


Replenish the glycogen stores that can become depleted with intense exercise. Carbohydrates also promote healthy hormone level. They are going to fuel your body through its recovery.

Fruits and Vegetables Both contain carbs

While fruits and Vegetables both contain carbohydrates, the real issue is the quality of carbs we tend to go for.   So we have the usual wheat, bread, pasta and other wheat products. The modern diet is packed with them.

As a busy mum we already to take short cuts and reach for the refined type of carbs which can give you a boost of energy but in the bigger picture, it’s not helping you.  That’s how a few hours later you may feel lethargic. Feel bloated or flatulence.  It’s critical you eat that you eat carbohydrates according to your activity level. The more active you are, the more you need. But choose a healthy variety that compliments your overall diet.


Grains are also high in good carbohydrates but I would suggest consuming grains at a moderate level. To make smart grain choices, let nutrient density be your guide. Typically the white flour-based product, like white flour and pasta are less nutritionally dense, lacking the nutrient value found in whole grains that have not been heavily processed and refined.

Similarly, while whole grains can include whole grain bread and pasta, whole grains that you can see or feel in your hands such as brown rice, oatmeal, oat bran, quinoa and amaranth tend to be most nutritious rich that you can find. These are excellent in B Vitamins which act as co-factors in energy producing reactions in the body. They are also rich in fibre.

Again, let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean you should never ever eat less nutrient-dense grains, but you should focus on the more nutrient dense ones as often as possible.

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