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It’s time to create smaller habits

that get you healthier and nourish your body and mind

I want to know: What is your health concern?

What makes you feel happy and confident?

What do you like eating?

What do you think nourishment to your body and mind is?

What steps have you taken to achieve your health aspirations?

What stops you from improving your health concerns?

I am guessing some answers are related to habits? You fall off the habit or can’t follow the plan?

I am here to help you create some small habits that will get you some shocking results.

As a Qualified Nutritional Therapist,  wellness entrepreneur and mum of four, I have realised that HABITS are key to achieving anything we set our heart to.

Whether it is getting that job, improving your health or paying that mortgage.

I had 3 kids under five when I decided to take on the journey back to college to complete my Nutritional Therapy Course. I learn that having smaller habits that will keep my house clean, get my kids fed and looked after while I improve my own health was what will get me to finish the course.

After all, the reason I was studying was to fix my own ongoing health issues. Mental health, daily migraines. I wasn’t falling back now.

Guess what I did?

  • I created some simple easy habits to eat nourishing food that supports not only my health but my entire family. Good food is my passion.
  • I created habits daily that allowed me to focus on my studies.
  • I created habits that allow me to have some me-time where I get to rejuvenate.

Now I want to share them all with you.

If you are afraid of failing that plan again, no panic.  I teach you how to create small habits that will last.

Just simple consistent actionable steps. If the habit doesn’t work, we change it to make it work. Your will power isn’t the issue, it’s the habit designed.

If you suffer from digestive health

If you want to lose weight

If you have some hormonal issues

If your energy level is not supporting your day to day tasks

It’s time we talk

It breaks my heart to see mums paining inside to get more energy to look after their family and daily life. It breaks my heart to see women jumping from one weight loss diet to another, desperate to lose that [pregnancy weight.

It breaks my heart to see women fearing to hire a coach, just in case they fall off the wagon again and disappoint their coach.

It breaks my heart women feeling bloating, sluggish and having period pain, headaches, or irregular periods and googling home remedies to sort their health.  Anxiety, mood swings, helplessness and not being happy of what they see in the mirror.

Let me tell you something today that YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. There is a problem in the system we have been taught. You have more willpower than you think because you are still trying to find answers.

I want to simplify your health journey for you and get you off the confusion.

I will help you create habits that will support your energy level, your mood, anxiety, headaches, period problems, bloating and other health concerns you may have.

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