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My Story Long Version

Hey, I am so Happy that you want to know me more! This page was written mid-way of my transformation journey and I didn’t want to delete it.

When you’re holding a human being in your belly for nine months, and when it arrives, you’re so overcome with joy and a mixture of emotions, that it overwhelms you.

Between loved ones giving unsolicited advice, trying to bond with your new little one, worrying about making mistakes and thinking about how you’re going to lose the baby weight, it can be all-consuming. And maybe, if you’re like me, you’ve experienced feeling out of touch with yourself too, and at times, hopeless.

It all started on the beautiful Island of Mauritius, where I was born and raised.

Chillies, cabbage, aubergine, cucumber and herbs were just some of the treasures my father grew in our garden. I can still remember the fresh smell of coriander when I stepped out into the yard every morning… We used green bananas for weekly curry and savoured chow-chow leaves.Dahl and rice were staples in our nutrient-dense, wholesome diet.

My family had very little money, so most of the food we ate was foraged or planted organically.

Years later, I met a man, was married and we had a beautiful daughter. There I was…a new wife and a new mother when the unthinkable happened. I lost my husband.

At the age of  27, I quickly became a single mother and widow. Some time passed, and I decided to start a new life with my daughter. Off to Ireland, we went. I was shocked to see how different the food was.

There seemed to be a shortage of REAL FOOD, but instead an abundance of what I call “treat food”. It was far from natural, but I embraced the Western way of eating, excited to try new things.

Soon after, I met my now husband, and we decided to start a family together. Following the birth of my second child, I suffered from postnatal depression. For over a year, I couldn’t find myself. I wasn’t fulfilled or satisfied; something was missing.

I became withdrawn and unhappy with everything in my life. I felt trapped between the walls in our tiny apartment, and my body was under so much stress.

With no other family or friends to support me, I felt completely alone. Thankfully, I sought out guidance and started practising mindfulness. It was a lifesaver for me, as I gradually found my way back to myself and realised I needed a creative outlet, away from the kids.


I had to find a way to nourish that part of me, so decided to start a blog to write about what I love to do every day: cook. While the blog kept me busy and inspired, after birthing two more children, the feeling of hopelessness crept up again. I have prescribed an anti-depressant from my doctor, and after a few months, I felt worse. I started to get daily migraines and couldn’t be left alone with my kids, as the pain was unbearable at times.


My husband had to leave work early several days per week to help me with the children. I felt hopeless but also felt that it was time for a change.

I believe God guided me to follow my intuition, so I began reflecting on my life, asking myself why this was happening. I stopped taking the anti-depressant and started looking at natural ways to boost my serotonin level, starting with REAL FOOD. I adopted a plant-based diet and began taking daily walks to feel the earth. Then, we decided to move our family from the busy city to a town by the beach.

My routine walks on the beach reminded me of the beautiful Island I came from. Touching the sand and sea was a way of honouring the part of my identity that was missing. Suddenly, things started to change. My family and friends noticed the transformation in my mood, skin, and behaviour.

My sleep improved and I even lost some weight. During this time, I became curious and excited about how food works in the body.
I felt as though I needed to help others, so made the difficult decision to begin studying nutrition, while juggling being a mum of four.

I started with an online course and received a CPD Diploma in Nutritional
Therapy from The Health Science Academy in 2015. That course opened a whole new world to me. So I decided to go full force and signed up for a long-term course in Nutritional Therapy.
I’m now a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach and within two years, will be a qualified Nutritional Therapist. As a Health & Nutrition Coach, I’ve helped several family members and friends implement healthy changes in their lives to experience amazing results.


Hi there, I would like to share our experience with Mira. Last year my husband and I went to Mira for personal nutrition advice. She took time and effort to give us a very detailed report how to change our diet. It was a major change for us, we had to throw out all the food from our cupboard and replace it with nutritious food. But it was worth it. We have lost weight, we had lots of energy and my husband never suffered from digestive problems, reflux or cramps. I would recommend to everyone to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!
Thank you very much Mira for all your help! Zsackline and Eoin

Additionally, I teach cooking demos to show people how to eat well EVERY DAY. From a shy, withdrawn gal to the successful entrepreneur I’ve become, this is just one example of how food can help bring out the best in you! Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to transform your life? Contact me to get started

Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to transform your life? Contact me to get started HERE

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