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Hey there!

I’m Mira, Mauritian born, Irish based Wellness Enthusiast, Recipe Creator, Entrepreneur and mum of 4 with extra surviving powers.


I am a Certified Nutrition Coach while studying Nutritional Therapy and running an online coaching business.


I don’t cook 7 days a week. I am not a size 8.

My hobby is indulgence watching Netflix while eating a spicy curry on the couch and trust me I do not feel guilty at all.  Or you may find me in bed reading.




I work with mums at any stage of motherhood. I believe that mums whether your child is 1 week old or 20 years old needs nurturing. We tend to keep ourselves so busy minding others we love and completely forget ourselves in the process.


What happens then is the feeling of resentment and a sense of being trapped cropped up.  The signs are being moody, irritated, exhausted and a sense of loss of control.  People around don’t understand. Sounds familiar?

As a result, we stop caring for ourselves more and reward us with sugary and junk food.  This causes more havoc.

It’s time you show some kindness to yourself.

  • Like do you believe you deserve to love yourself or do you think it’s selfish to love yourself?
  • Do you believe you can be stronger and more beautiful after childbirth or that your fate is inevitable with weaker bladder, dead skin, greasy hair and baggy clothes?
  • Do you believe that after childbirth your body gave up on you?

Even if you believed everything that I mentioned above, let me remind you that you can change it by changing what you believe.  

Inside us, there is a person hiding, and that person is desperate to be back again.  Let me help you.

Read what my journey was like a few years back. Arranged marriage – engaged at 16 – mum at 19. A widow at 27. Flew abroad to survive with my daughter. Met an Irish man – Got married- Post-natal depression. Grieving for my father with cancer.  Violent, suicidal, psychotic. Living abroad with no family and friends. Trapped. Loss. Body shape changed which was unbearable for me to look into the mirror. I hated myself so much. I didn’t realise the person I saw every day.


I know this sounds dramatic and hateful but I was hateful big time. I hated what happened to me, what my family put me through. What I put myself through. What life put me through. It was the world against me!

My relationship was the rock bottom. My husband couldn’t talk to me because I would scream and have a tantrum every single time. I would blame him for getting me pregnant!

Then I would go to bed and feel guilty about the way I behaved and left him deal with the kids and house. I would refuse to get up in the morning because I was afraid, if I get up I will be left alone with the kids and the house chores.

I tried to kill myself several times, thankfully I didn’t want to die! If I wanted to be dead I would have been dead years now. I wanted to be heard, I wanted to be seen. Of course, at that time I wasn’t aware of why I was all this happening. But I was crying for help.

Through 28 weeks of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, my therapist lends me a book that I think was life-changing for me. The mindful way through Depression. I read that book in a few weeks and applied most of the techniques to the best of my understanding at the time. (Newbie to breathing exercise and mindfulness).

My thought pattern began to change slowly, but I was suffering from migraines 4 to 5 days a week which affected our marriage again. I was in bed, my husband looking after the kids. We needed to feed a family of 6.


Then one day just like that a thought came to me about what changes during the time my migraine and depression started.

Guess what? Everything changed. I had moved abroad, I eat completely different from I was raised on. Away from my family and friends. I was now a mum of 4.  When it comes to health, your environment, food, stress and genes all can have an effect.

I remembered Jennifer, my therapist explain me something about turning the torch around on me ( rather than the other person) I started looking at things that I could improve to help me. Food was one thing I could tackle immediately as I also happened to love cooking. I reviewed our diet and starting googling like crazy.  Six months later I was getting compliments on my skin and how my eyes looked brighter.

Like most of us, I was challenged by my health to adopt a healthier lifestyle too. I had two choices, keep going the way I was feeling: depressed, daily migraines, suicidal and unfit or make changes to empower a better life and make the most out of this body I was given.

Thankfully, I chose to take the most difficult path, to change my life for good.  It’s not easy, but who said it will be.

I then joined an online Nutrition course and my healing journey began. I discovered more about myself and how food,  environment, stress and the amount of sleep play a crucial part in keeping you well.

I am now a Certified Health and Nutrition coach and furthering my studies as a Nutritional Therapist to help moms accept and nurture their body and mind. (a 3 and a half-year Higher Diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health)

I am still learning so much about myself and my health is getting better every day but I am more determined to help other moms know that there’s hope for you to be stronger, happier, and be heard again through my upcoming  12 weeks program called Project Me For Mums.

In Project Me For Mums, we cover

  1. Mindset
  2. Self-care
  3. Food
  4. Exercise

See launching this program doesn’t make me perfect, in fact being imperfect doesn’t make me feel guilty about working with women at all.

It motivates me.   Because what I teach is exactly the opposite of ‘being perfect’. Let’s be imperfectly beautiful.



But it’s not about me anymore, I feel responsible to give to others.

  • Be yourself
  • Be quirky
  • Be Flawed
  • Real

Because that makes us human. It makes you! It makes you magical.

If you would like to be notified when I am launching Project Me signed up to my email list.

I help mums to eat better without feeling guilty.  Learn to love exercise without overdoing it. Love themselves without being selfish and have time for themselves all while looking beautiful and vibrant!

Eat better without feeling guilty, miserable and the need to be on a diet.

I work with women to help them be the best version of themselves and give them the tools on how to regain their sparkle. It involves setting realistic goals and creating a vision and formula to smash these goals.

More of the story below!

I thought I was brave and strong for taking up my suitcase and leaving a blue sunny island in the Indian Ocean to move to the cold Irish weather without overthinking! I’ve always had that resilience in me.

Yet I also have the imposter personality being overconfident and ready to take on the world one day than to be under my duvet crying the following day.

When I look at how I grew up I remember milking a cow, living on foraged food and surrounded by my granny, aunties and sisters. This is what I now hold in my heart, no more about the extreme anger and pain I once carried before.

I have done man things to survive as a young girl, a daughter, a wife and a mum. I was in the Mauritian Street food in markets selling food. I even taught arts and crafts to women in social communities around Mauritius and I designed embroideries on bed sheets and sold them. All of this prepared me to be the person I am now. There’s nothing I can do to change my past but I can walk into the future I dream of.

My Irish friends call me a ‘survivor’.  I suppose I am…

The universe knows how to bring you to your wholeness, you perhaps need a little bit of guidance or perhaps open up to yourself.  Doesn’t the bible say: God’s know you even before you were born. He has a plan. Now it’s your turn to find this plan. He places people along your way for you to connect.



Or are you still interested in me? Then read a longer version of my story.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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