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The 6 weeks Kick-Ass Formula

The 6 weeks Kick-ass formula is made up of 3 things – knowledge, motivation, support – which all have an effect on your mindset.

Mindset is really want it comes down to and my online health coaching is based around this – mastering your mindset to get the results you want!

How we do this is we schedule a weekly video chat where the focus on knowledge: teaching you to make small changes in your lifestyle and your nutrition, and making those small changes one at a time so that they can turn into a habit and become permanent because developing the right mindset takes practice. This is the key to having long-term results which will make you feel amazing, not just short-term quick fixes that are impossible to maintain

This is the answer to having long-term outcomes which will make you feel amazing, not just short-term fast fixes that are impossible to maintain

This is your chance to get a completely customised roadmap to health, developed with your health history, lifestyle, desires and specific goals in mind.

Have you tried all kinds of crazy diets, cleanses and resolutions on your own, but just never seem able to stick with it? Well, it might be time to partner up!

As your health coach, I will both motivate you and hold you accountable. We’ll get clear on your goals together, and I’ll share practical, tangible tools and educational materials (if you want them!) – because I believe knowledge is power and that change can happen once we understand WHY.

I work with clients who have

Weight issues, lack of energy,  low immune system, sleep issues, digestion, skin, joints,  would like a healthy pregnancy, needs help to manage food intolerance and more.


Why? Because it’s harder to do it alone: and so much more fun when we do it together. The 50-min, one-on-one coaching sessions will be conducted over the phone or via Skype. Below is a list of coaching options that I offer. Is what you had in mind not there? Let me know! Maybe we can work something out.

In this course, you will learn how to

  • define your health and wellness goals and create a plan to achieve them
  • find your motivation and hold you accountable until your goals are reached
  • Rewire your mindset and taste buds to crave wholesome foods and shun unhealthy foods
  • listen to your body and determine the best foods for your unique health
  • determine what is causing your “food issues” (overeating, stress eating, eating the wrong foods, cravings, etc.) and solve that by treating the cause versus just the symptom
  • develop wholesome eating and lifestyle habits that stick


Mira Garvin – Health and Nutrition Coach

Cardy Rock Cresent
na, Balbriggan na
Republic of Ireland
Phone: +353860516211




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