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Today, my friends, we break these big goals down and focus on the next 90 days!

Having a goal that needs accomplished in a whole year allows you to totally procrastinate!

You have to break your goals down into smaller, attainable goals and put your efforts into the day-to-day actions that will get you closer to your bigger goals.

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Today, you will set attainable goals that can be accomplished in 90 days. You want to really laser in and FOCUS on one thing at a time. All greatness is achieved through FOCUS. Just like a muscle, focus can be improved on overtime as long as you manage and measure it.

3 Questions/Tasks:

  1. What will your first 90 days of the year be about?
  2. Choose a WORD for your first 90 days and WRITE IT DOWN (examples: growth, strength, community, serve, focus, gratitude).


This word is just for the season ahead. If you are having trouble coming up with a word, look back at the things you have written so far and look for common themes.


  1. Write down the goal(s) you will accomplish in the first quarter of this year.

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