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10 Simple Self care Ideas For parents| Nurture the child in you

Nurture The Child in You

I like reading ” Nurture the child in you” I have repeated these words to myself as many times as I could while writing this post and it feels good.  It’s as if I am honouring my inner child that for a reason or another didn’t get heard or noticed. I know to some of you reading this, it may sound weird and petty but I have been through some pretty rough sea in my life and being kind to myself feels like a sweet kiss on my neck right now. And I am so ready to honour that side of my being.

Whether you are working from home or outside, juggling between work and family life can be mentally exhausting. But it’s almost inevitable.

As busy parents what we could do to make things a little better for ourselves is practice Self Care to reduce parental stress. Stress often comes from a lack of self-care.


You would like to know that I am actually writing this post in Flemington our local community center. It’s big and spacious. My 2 kids are here in a Lego Camp at the moment.  Instead of walking home and coming back in 2 1/2 hours I decided to bring my laptop, ask for permission and open my office right here. All I needed is my brain,  proper working google machine and my laptop.

It’s actually quieter than working from home and the inspiration is flowing. The only thing I can think of writing in a time like this is a little self-care idea for parents.  I’ll explain why:  I can see so many parents rushing in and out, some still in their PJs. Some pushing buggies, I heard one mammy pushing her buggy and telling her other child ‘let’s go to the shop, are you hungry?’

This is what goes on a parents daily life. Of course, we sign up for this so no excuse, we have to take responsibility and do the work. But man raising kids is hard work!


Sitting here for about 1 hour or so I want to have a special spa day for all the busy mammies including me! While I can’t organise a spa right now, what I can do is write down a simple self-care checklist for us.

It’s a simple list that we can include in our daily routine to help us feel connected with ourselves. We shouldn’t forget that we still matter, probably more than even before having children. They depend on us. Their childhood and adulthood depend on how we choose to live today. Kids soak everything they hear and see.


So what are we teaching them? be on the go go go, abuse the body by eating anything and be ignorant of our mental health?

Or are we setting an example to show them how to be kind and loving to ourselves first?


Through years of depression and health issues, I have learnt a few things to help me manage my own stress and take better care of my body and mind but I still have to make the effort to keep practicing it specially Mindfulness Breathing and my night-time yoga. If a don’t do it for few days, I can feel the mind going a little strange, self-criticizing and pointing the finger at others.

So as September is only a few weeks away, I know I had to prepare a self-care plan for me. It’s going to be a busy year and taking care of myself is a priority. Because I know, if I am well so will be my family.

Last few years I have personally introduced a few habits into my daily routine so it doesn’t feel like a chore.  Otherwise, it becomes a burden but if I look at it as respecting my body and mind because my family needs me then I feel better and deserving.


So as September is only a few weeks away, I know I had to prepare a self-care plan for me. It’s going to be a busy year and taking care of myself is a priority. Because I know, if I am well so will be my family.

I like to picture a perfect world where everything goes according to the structure we prepared BUT as the 4 letter word says it all.

I meant  ” L I F E ” So for today, as parents, I strongly believe that we often get lost in raising our kids and we forget that we need a little care too.   We eat anything we can, we stay up later to watch Netflix with the excuse of being too tired and we rarely exercise. All that affects our energy and concentration and overall health.

Now in a more realistic life, where we think we don’t have enough time to give to ourselves’s I like to still think that if we put our mind toward a goal we will reach it. We deserve to be well, we deserve to have a less stressful life. So does our family.

With that in mind, I brought you a few ways that that you can Self-Care


Trying a new routine at the start may be difficult but keep going and soon enough it will be a lifestyle. These are very practical ideas though. If applied as a normal routine it’s doable.

Here is my list

  1. Exercise
  2. Feed the Body Right
  3. Get enough Sleep
  4. Take Time away from the Tv, phones or other screens
  5. Use Essential Oil, in  diffusers, foot rub and/or shoulder massage
  6. Sign up for a hobby class, or a project as an outlet
  7. Learn to Say NO
  8. Socialise


I like diffusing essential oils when I am sitting with the kids, reading or even watching tv, It creates a different atmosphere. Smells usually triggers relaxation so chose an essential oil that you prefer, lavender, ylang ylang and Frankincense are my favourites.

Essential oil also has other benefits such as clearing sinus congestion, Fight cold and flu symptoms and balance hormones.

If you suffer from insomnia, diffuse lavender or rosemary essential oil in the bedroom.

I have 4 of these diffusers in my house, one for each bedroom and one for the living room. When the kids have a cold or flu, I would diffuse Camphor or eucalyptus oil to help them with the breathing. Otherwise almost every night we diffuse Lavender, Thankfully we have all the 3 sleeping all night through without a sound.

Self Care Ideas For Parents



Get the body moving.

  1.  Emotion is created by motion by Anthony Robbins: The way you move affects the way you think,  feel and behave. Remember the time you were so sad and depressed but felt better after going out? You moved from one place to another!
  2.  Feed the Body Right: Making sure to have plenty of nutritious, brain food that helps us stay on top of our game is crucial. Stay hydrated, eat an adequate amount of fibre, essential fat and protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to stay away from artificial sweeteners and processed food.
  3. Stay connected with yourself: Through mindfulness practice, yoga and visualising your happy place
  4. Stay connected with other people, family and friends: Between the school run, try to meet other parents for a cuppa or walks. If you’re a working try to take one evening off and meet a friend out.
  5. Make sleep a priority: Sleep is often taken as a waste of time, I often find myself in an argument with my husband explaining to him why he has been such a cranky head lately, usually because he stayed up late watching his favourite show on Netflix.  But even I fall into the same trap, I can read till late and the following morning I am tired and bitchy! I can talk about the importance of sleep for hours.
  6. Remove Clutter: Less stuff, less cleaning up!
  7. Don’t give up on your favourite Hobby
  8. Take time away from your phone, tv, emails or any screens
  9. Acknowledging the different emotions and allowing yourself to express them in a respectful way.
  10. Say no to extra responsibilities
  11. Give yourself quiet time for self-reflection
  12. Attend a local place of worship
  13. Diffuse some Essential oil before bed time or in the sitting room. Use the wind-down blend, lavender, rosemary or other relaxing oils
  14. Relaxing foot rub before bed time. Add a few drops of lavender oil on some coconut oil to make a natural foot rub that helps to relax the nerves and helps sleep.
  15. Neck and shoulder massage with essential oils. If you have a partner, you can massage each other’s shoulder and neck, that might help other areas of your life too 🙂


    • Mira
      August 17, 2017 / 2:30 am

      Absolutely David, we all need a bit of self-care, no matter what stage of life we are in.

  1. August 12, 2017 / 10:28 am

    I’m currently trying to declutter – it’s small steps at the moment, but it’s making me feel better already.

  2. August 12, 2017 / 5:49 am

    Loved your list and appreciate your very honest approach to this blog. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mira
      August 13, 2017 / 3:53 am

      Thanks you Tonia, when honest, there’s no big fear that follows i think 🙂

  3. August 12, 2017 / 5:16 am

    Love this, I am a young soul at heart. your list is something I practice every day. I schedule me time and we must as Mom’s lead by example to our children. We are a go -go society but are we really moving?

    • Mira
      August 13, 2017 / 3:56 am

      You’re right! we are not moving anywhere, I’m glad you practice what’s on my list already! I love it when someone looks after themself

  4. August 12, 2017 / 12:09 am

    Some great suggestions here, I think parents can get just as burnt out as somebody working a 40 hour office week!

    • Mira
      August 13, 2017 / 3:57 am


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