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Why Cooking Healthy is Important

Your health is your most important asset. Good health does not come by mistake. It is the result of deliberate actions of your part. The most important factor affecting health is food. A poor diet will cause illness. A good diet will greatly improve and maintain health. If you want to benefit greatly from food, forget processed/packaged foods that are no longer nutritious and are filled with chemicals. Forget fast foods that are filled with unhealthy ingredients and are not meant to give you health but to give the sellers fast money.

If you want good health, start cooking at home. Take time to cook healthy, fresh, and whole foods for your family. We know that you might be a very busy person and you might not have the time to plan meals properly to provide your family with optimum health. That is why we give you meal plans.

Our meal plans are customised to your family’s lifestyle and dietary needs.


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You can print the recipes and the grocery list. Our meal plans pick ingredients from stores and farmers’ market around you. The recipes are created by famous Food Bloggers and mothers who know everything about food.

Here is how I have benefited from using Real Meal Plan:

  • Time-saving – I spend just 10 minutes per week preparing my meal plans and recipes.
  • Knowledge – I now know more about food and health than I did before.
  • Cooking skills – My cooking skills improve daily as I prepare meals for my family.
  • Gradual change – The more I cook, the more I am changing over to healthier foods, eliminating harmful foods.
  • Healthier lunch – I now eat a healthier lunch because I pack a lunchbox.
  • No more fast foods!


Here is what you get with Real Meal Plans:

  • Meal plans that are customised to your unique diet.
  • Nutrition information for your meals.
  • Over 1500 recipes from famous food bloggers.
  • A free mobile app so that you can access your meal plans at the grocery store.
  • 24/7 support from the Real Meal Plan team.



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