Project me for mums

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Are you a mum?

Do you suffer from constant Bloating?

So did I, only 10 weeks ago, I was upset and mostly fed up with healthy eating for a few years but still look like I was 5 months pregnant!

Luckily for you, I have designed the perfect program for mums who suffer from constant bloat, low moods, can’t lose weight and energy dips. I am going to share with you exactly what I ate and the exercises I did to get rid of my bloating and lose over 4kgs in about 8 weeks.

See I had been a healthy eater as a health coach for 3 years, but I couldn’t get rid of my bloating or shed the excess body weight. There was more I needed to do in order for this to happen. And I am ready to share all of this with you in my Project you program that’s only 10 weeks long with a safe weight loss reward.

You are going to love your body like never before! I did! I love all the bits and pieces I used to criticise.

What will you get?

  • Weekly meal plan
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Weekly Video call
  • Weekly exercise routine designed for mums who’s never exercised before.  No gym membership required
  • A private membership with like-minded women to talk to and share your struggles.



  • Let me guess.
  • You are super busy.
  • You want to but can’t stick to a plan.
  • You are too exhausted to exercise.
  • You don’t like the love your body talk because it sounds selfish

Let me tell you that as a mum of 4, I wish I had done this program before. To see this transformation is happiness and I wish I did it before.

But let me also tell you that healthy living doesn’t have to be freaking hard.

Did we learn how to write? to speak? to eat? and to drive? Then let me help you learn to live a better, happier and bloat-free life.



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Then, 3 months ago, something happened between me and a few colleagues, I felt betrayed and judged. That threw me completely off balance and I was in a serious rut, crying and miserable for about 2 weeks.
With some support from my husband and good friends, things were put into perspective and one thing still echoes in my ears is ” it’s what I allow”  people can and will always have things to say about what you should do and how to do them. Some will even try to extinguish the fire you have burning in you with criticism, hatred and jealousy.
Discerning from constructive criticism and envy is important here though.  But remember “nothing has the power to dim the light which shines within you” if you don’t allow them to). While all this was happening I had to do something to soothe me, to care for me and to show kindness toward myself (That’s what my therapist used to tell me to do) so I decided to take on a project.  PROJECT ME .. to improve/achieve that one task that I’ve been putting off.  To exercise more and deal with my daily bloating.
As a 3rd-year Nutritional Therapy student I shouldn’t live with bloating and No Exercise excuse anymore because I know how important both are. So I created a plan for myself and started it. 10 weeks later not only my daily bloating is gone,  but I lost more than 4kgs (I know it’s not about the weight but I’m happy to have lost it) but also I have fallen in love with my body not because of the weight loss but because I’ve discovered what I can do.  It’s not about shape and size but it’s how I feel and accept my body.
Exercising is another example! I now look forward to exercising every day and connecting with my body.  I do most of them at home in my bedroom for a maximum of 20-30 minutes. I managed to fit exercise to my very busy days.  That’s the excuse I used to give myself. My energy level has been so so much better and I feel so much happier in myself.
Good news is that I have been recording exactly what I have been eating and my exercises too so if you need a kick I’m happy to walk with you in your PROJECT ME This is a 10 weeks program to eliminate bloating and improve your energy with daily exercise.
If you said yes to bloating, love energy, not happy with your body then I have a good new for you. I have designed a DO-ABLE program for mums to get rid of their bloated belly, improve their energy and fall in love with their body!