Learning to Practice Self-love and Self-care For Women


Block of 3 x 60-minute sessions – 60 euro per session (payment of 150 euros)

Learning to practice self-love and self-care has been one of the most difficult yet the most effective parts of my recovery process.

The real essence of selfcare is being true to who you are so you aren’t living your life for other people. It’s about making choices from a place of love

So what constitutes self-love? What rituals, habits, or hobbies can be deemed acts of self-care? I submit that anything that makes you focus on your body or your mind in a non-judging, loving, and compassionate way qualifies as self-loving/caring.

If you’ve ever felt worn out, overwhelmed, or resentful because of how much you do, this course is for you.

If you want to take better care of yourself but just don’t know where to start, this course is for you.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why self-care isn’t selfish or self-serving
  • Why your learned coping strategies may no longer be serving you—and may likely be causing more harm than good
  • How to become aware of areas in your life where you feel deprived, overwhelmed, or exhausted
  • How to figure out what you need to combat the deprivation
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