Ditch The Junk A 7 Day Challenge


Do you experience gas, bloating, sleep issues, headaches, fatigue, etc.? If you do, then you may be pleasantly surprised how you will feel after a week of ditching the “junk” (i.e. processed, fatty, sugary, salty and/or hyper-palatable foods).



The Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to ditch processed foods (a.k.a. “junk”) in your meals and snacks for one week.

It sounds scarier than it is. Remember, seven days is all you have to commit to.

Of course, most people transition from seven days to a lifestyle change when they see and feel the results. There is often a renewed sense of health and wellness. I’ll talk more about that later.

This challenge is easier when you encourage your co-workers, friends, family, or gym members to take part. Make it fun! Encourage and support one another. There is strength in numbers. One department at your work could challenge another department. Who can go the most days without eating any junk food.

Why Avoid “Junk”?

As you can imagine, over the time that junk food (a.k.a. “processed food”) consumption has increased, so have the rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. New research on the links between junk foods and poor gut and mental health is steadily appearing.

Let’s look at what you’re going to get out of this 7-day challenge. I’ll provide you with the tools to overcome some of the common obstacles. Then we’ll determine exactly what junk food is and the problems associated with consuming it.

Remember, this 7-day challenge will fill your body with an abundance of nutrients and a renewed sense of health and wellness.

I look forward to supporting you through this week.

What you get

  • A list of delicious real foods that you can eat
  • A 7-day menu plan with recipes