Hello, I'm Mira. I am a Cerified Health and Nutrition Coach, and mother of four. My passion is to create content and recipes that help mums discover all that is possible for their lives through evidence-based nutrition, self-care and exercise. Learn more about me here
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Mauritian Burritos|Vegan Butter Bean Curry with Aubergine

Thomas Burritos It wasn’t my intention to make burritos, this was Thomas’ doing. I made a curry that was to be served on a plate.…

Homemade Burger

What is there to be said about a big, juicy, mouth watering, hot, satisfying and tasty homemade burger? Well, it looks like I’ve said it…

Couscous Salad

Here’s something bright and summery. Once you get the hang of making couscous this is a breeze, a summer breeze if you will. Couscous salad…

Polenta Pudding

Firstly let me apologise, you see I made these yesterday for the first time. I thought I was memorising the recipe as I was going…

Peppercorn Chicken with sweet Potatoes and brussel sprouts

The chicken was bought pre-marinated from Gleesons in Balbriggan. It was very tasty. I absolutely had to cook chicken today to prevent a mutiny (we…

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