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Quinoa Healthy meal for kids

A lovely lady contacted me recently to tell me about a new product called Quinola Kids Range – Quinola Mothergrain… I’m always a little cautious about ready meals for kids so I did a little research on their website and was completely reassured. I accepted the review offer, after all it’s quinoa! Quinoa is a super food guys and this only takes 30 seconds to prepare. Just let that sink in a minute, the idea that you can give your children a highly nutritious and tasty meal that only takes you 30 seconds to prepare… yeah, I think I’ve got your attention now.

To be honest I was looking forward to tasting it myself. A few days later I was happy to find the postman at my door with a box full of goodies. They sent 3 flavours, including Thai flavour! I didn’t use it straight away, I don’t know why but I always feel compelled to keep things by, for a rainy day. Thomas calls me a squirrel. Well our rainy day arrived this weekend. After a long day in Ikea we came home on Sunday evening and nobody wanted to cook so I stuck the Quinola in the microwave for the kids. Now, Thomas can laugh all he wants about my squirelling ways but I bet he was glad that I didn’t remind him it was his turn to cook. The kids loved it, they were eating happily and even enjoyed the colourful package it comes in. Josh had the Tex Mex and Olivia had the Thai. I gave Olivia Thai because she generally likes spicy Asian food. Naturally this wasn’t actually spicy it was more coconut milk sweet. I should also say that I was happy that both had vegetables in them (which helped dispel any remaining guilt over serving them ready meals).

As for me, I was also happy, the nice lady sent a packet of Express Quinoa with the kids stuff which I had with some leftover roast chicken. Yum!

I will be stocking up the press soon, there may be more rainy days ahead. The Quinola Kids meals really are no mess and no fuss dinners that I would definitely use again. They are a healthy and practical alternative to chicken nuggets and chips (Thomas’s usual when he has to cook in a hurry for the kids) or other supermarket ready meals. It’s also worth noting that they are gluten free and suitable for vegans.

The Mediterranean Quinoa with tomato, has courgette and carrot in it and the Tex Mex also cooked in tomato has kidney beans and sweetcorn. Whereas the Thai Quinoa has peas and coconut milk. It’s suitable for 3 – 11 year olds, each €2.49 pack serves as a main meal for one or a side dish for hungrier kids.

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