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Nutrition Talks And Workshops


Talks to pupils

Parents and teachers at school

Healthy eating for children/teenagers

Nutritious school lunchboxes

Sports nutrition



Good Mood Food

Tips to on how to reduce Stress and anxiety

Mindfulness practice



Team & Group Educational Talks

Hydration, Food for Sport, Sports Supplements

Food for Sport & Recovery


Group presentations are available on a topic of your choice, e.g.,  Health Eating, Bone Health, Foods for Optimal Digestion, Energy Balance.

Energy and Focus at Work

Discuss how nutrients affect the brain and cognitive function

Specific foods to give a “natural lift.”

To snack or not to snack that is the question Balancing blood sugar levels throughout the day

Maintenance of optimal hydration levels

Eating Well on a Budget

Practical tips for eating a nutritionally balanced diet without breaking the bank

Money saving meal and snack ideas

Fast Meals for a Busy Lifestyle

Working full-time and managing a family or recreational stability can often be a hurdle.

In this talk, we explain how to speed up the food preparation to allow more quality time with family and friends.

Lots of breakfast “on the go” options, lunches and easy 15-minute meal plans which are healthy and well balanced for those living life on the fast track.


Beauty from Within

How to nourish the body from inside out to help achieve strong nails, shiny hair and glowing skin.

Meal and snack ideas which ensure that you provide your body with the nourishment it needs to form the building blocks of healthy nails, smooth hair and radiant skin.

Discover which specific vitamins and minerals are of benefit.

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