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How to get Kids to Eat Healthy Food


With a new school term starting, there are plenty of practical and easy changes we can make to our diet that will have a positive impact and are quick and easy to implement for ourselves and our kids.

Whether you are a busy parent or working with kids, it becomes our responsibility to educate our children about ‘real food’ and the consequences on over doing the food like stuff on our supermarket shelves these days.

To help you start this new season, I have a simple healthy eating plan that you can print, save and share with others if you’d like.


Make small weekly changes as opposed to extreme plans.  Aim for more of a balance than a purge and splurge approach. Start incorporating healthy habits into your everyday routine that will become habits of a lifetime. Kids will watch you and do the same. Make healthy eating a normal ‘thing’ not something you hop on and off whenever you feel like. Again it’s what we do that will help our children’s health and diet. It’s all about setting a routine for yourself first then the kids will follow.


Tips on Feeding kids healthy Food


  1. Both parents should agree on a strategy and stick to it.
  2. Parents must lead by example
  3. Eat the kinds of foods and snacks you want them to eat.
  4. Don’t have the wrong food in the house to avoid temptation
  5. Sit and eat with them, so they can model what and how you eat
  6. Praise a picky eater whenever they eat well
  7. Always reward good behaviour But NOT with food.
  8. Be mindful of portion size
  9. Kids with low appetite should avoid snacking between meals
  10. Learn about the food that you buy, then talk to your kids about it.
  11. Explain to the kids the benefits of the vegetables you bought
  12. Really, mindfully involve them when buying food, putting the shopping away or even planning the meal
  13. Learn about the kid’s likes and dislikes. (crispy food or stews)

As a bonus, I have a FREE 20 Healthy snack Ideas for you all. Click here to download


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