Everyday Dessert

Mother’s day Cupcakes made by my daughter-Kirtee

  I had planned to bake last night to have something to share with you all before Mother’s Day but my 14 year old, Kirtee,…

Carrot Cake

   On Saturday night the house was quiet, Thomas had brought the little ones down to their grandparents in Co. Roscommon. My 14 year old…

Sweet Fried Vermicelli Cooked in Milk and ALMONDS

  Whether you need to make a desert in a hurry, a tea time treat for the kids or just something a little different to…

How to make an Eggless Banana Bread in a Bundt cake tin

My little 3 year old boy Josh has recently started playschool. This morning before we left the house to go to school he asked me…

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