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Avocado and Egg Spread

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<p>Avocados have been on offer in she shops recently with prices ranging from 29c – 45c and when I see an offer like that I need to have it and i need to make as many recipes as I can with it. Do you know, we actually had a big big avocado tree back home but i had never heard or imagined eating salty avocados until I moved to Ireland.</p>
<p>The only way I had ever seen them eaten was cut open in half, sprinkled with sugar and that’s it, bon appetit! Can you imagine that? Yet another discovery I made after moving to Ireland. Savory avocados, avocado cheese cake, avocado ice cream, Mexican avocado and who knows what else. I am glad I moved otherwise I would probably be sitting at the kitchen window starring at the avocado tree with all the avocados falling off and rotting. I was even told that if if I ate too many avocados I would get fat!</p>
<p>All things in moderation, while this fruit may contain 400 calories per fruit it also has a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids which are thought to lower blood cholesterol levels, and for the ladies avocados are rich in vitamin E and useful amounts of vitamin B6 that can help with sleep difficulties during the monthly visitor.</p>
<p>Now that I know a little more about the (not so) humble avocado I’d like to share this beautiful and let’s not forge healthy serving suggestion. Avocado and boiled egg spread. It’s made in no time at all and it’s good for lunches, breakfast and when the bread craving is nagging at you it is just divine on toast. Everybody likes a slice of bread every now and then, don’t feel bad about it just go for brown and you can tell yourself it’s ok.</p>
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<li>2 ripe avocados</li>
<li>2 hard boiled eggs</li>
<li>1/2 tea spoon of Dijon mustard</li>
<li>salt and pepper to taste</li>
<li>1/2 tea spoon of Greek yogurt or mayonnaise (optional)</li>
<li>Juice of half a lime or lemon</li>
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<p>Spoon out the avocados in a small bowl and peel the boil eggs just break it into big pieces. Add the mustard, salt and pepper and yogurt or mayonnaise if using.</p>
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<p>With the help of a fork start breaking the avocado and eggs into small pieces and mixing it through. Add the lime juice and mix.</p>
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<p>Serve on a toasty bread.</p></blockquote>
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    • August 17, 2015 / 6:03 pm

      Hi Bec, thank you! I hope I’ll get the time to do it though. I haven’t started the curry tree yet but that’s also on the to do list

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