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Hey there!

I’m Mira, Mauritian born, Irish based Wellness Enthusiast, Recipe Creator, Entrepreneur and mum of 4 with extra surviving powers.


I am a Certified Nutrition Coach while studying Nutritional Therapy and running an online coaching business.


I don’t cook 7 days a week. I am not a size 8 and my children are in after school.


I love binge watching Netflix while eating a spicy curry or be in bed reading inspiring stories.


My mission is simple and it’s something that I am wholeheartedly passionate about:  I want to end the diet myth, calorie counting and teach a better way of so-called ‘healthy eating’ (because it totally exists).

When I started my journey I thought that I NEEDED to have a plant-based almost vegan diet to be credible and healthy and thin in this industry. I even wrote a blog post on how to transit to a Plant-based diet. So I ate that way.

Guess what? I was a good start to begin the road but in the long, I still had a bad relationship with food. I battled my mood every day and tried to use willpower to avoid the foods I knew were bad for me.

I was eating ‘healthy’ food all the time, but I was frustrated and still didn’t FEEL healthy. Maybe you can relate?

Food is to explore and enjoy.


What am I doing coaching woman then you may ask. Well being imperfect doesn’t make me feel guilty about working with women at all. It motivates me more.   Because what I teach is exactly the opposite of ‘being perfect’

Instead, I teach women to be guiltfree, stress-free and have a happy relationship with food.  All while looking beautiful and vibrant!

Food is to enjoy, and if you allow yourself to try some of my recipes you will know how they are delicious and simple.

The rabbit hole of research + trial and error led me to where I am today.

Eat better without feeling guilty, miserable and the need to be on a diet.

I work with women to help them be the best version of themselves and give them the tools on how to regain their sparkle. It involves setting realistic goals and creating a vision and formula to smash these goals.  Whether it’s creating their online business or Improve their health through Nutrition Coaching.

Like most of us, I was challenged by my health to adopt a healthier lifestyle too. I had two choices, keep going the way I was feeling: depressed, daily migraines, suicidal and unfit or make changes to empower a better life and make the most out of this body I was given.

Thankfully, I chose to take the most difficult path, to change my life for good.  It’s not easy, but who said it will be.

More of the story below!

I thought I was a hardy for taking up my suitcase and leaving a Blue sunny island in the Indian Ocean to move to the cold Irish weather without Overthinking!


I have an imposter personality being overconfident and ready to take on the world one day then to be under my duvet crying the following day.


I even adopted the title entrepreneur recently because I am one and I have seen my grandparents, parents, sister and the other members of the family-run businesses.


From selling kids toys, bananas or weeds you name it, they are selling it!


I myself have milked a cow, foraged and even sold Mauritian Street food in markets. I even taught arts and crafts to women in social communities around Mauritius.


My Irish friends call me a ‘survivor’.  I suppose I am…

Warning: Dramatic Story Below

Well at the age of fourteen  I was working in a factory from 7 am to 7 pm.

Sixteen I was engaged to a man I didn’t know (hello arranged marriage)

Eighteen I was married.

Nineteen I had a child.

Twenty to Twenty Seven I was married to the same guy I was engaged at sixteen but this time he was bedridden with a kidney failure and on dialysis for seven years. I lived with him and his extended family for 8 years. I survived!

At Twenty Seven I was a widow.

Twenty Eight I landed to the coldest Ireland with my daughter.

At Thirty I was married to an Irish guy.

By the age of Thirty Four, I had grown and given birth to 3 humans. Two boys and a girl.

At Thirty-Five I was called a psycho, manipulating people around me with suicidal attempts, playing the victim and pretending to have daily migraines. My lack of social interaction with other humans seemed to have concerned my CBT Therapist and suggested I socialise with more than 3 babies a teenager and my husband. Basically to make friends otherwise I’ll be sent to the zoo. Well, they socialise there too!

She also said ‘why don’t you start writing a diary about your thoughts, anxiety and gratitude.

That’s when Everydaycookingwithmira.com started. It took me a few months but I was hopeless and wanted my sadness to go so I decided to write. First on any piece of paper that came to my hand then onto an old work dairy then onto a blog. From my anger outbursts to cooking. I couldn’t find anything else to write except what I was doing daily! Cooking!

At Thirty-six then I was back in college studying Nutrition.

Thirty-Seven I was a Certified Health Coach and running a ‘successful’ blog.

At thirty-eight, I am still studying Nutritional Therapist and running an online coaching business.

Are you a mother? An Entrepreneur or a woman needs to kick shit away from your life today?

The universe knows how to bring you to your wholeness, you perhaps need a little bit of guidance or perhaps open up to yourself.  Doesn’t the bible say: God’s know you even before you were born. He has a plan. Now it’s your turn to find this plan. He places people along your way for you to connect. Just like my Therapist was on my journey.

If anything here resonates with you we can talk.

Busy Women? Do you want to Improve your Health? click here.

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Or are you still interested in me? Then read a longer version of my story.

And don’t forget to drop me a comment.

Are you kicking shit away today?


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