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5 Day Goal Setting Worshop | Day 4

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Today, we dive into how you are actually going to accomplish your goals in the next 90 days.

In order to make your goals happen WELL, you have to take small steps forward every day. How you spend your time is how you spend your life.

Have you had a shift in
priorities at all?

I know when I was implementing
healthier eating habits, I knew I had to be sure to make time to get to the
grocery store twice a week. This worked
for me so I could keep stocked up on fresh produce, and plenty of healthy
options. I had to make this a priority
so my goals would fall into place easier.

How about you?

3 Questions/Tasks:

  1. What are the first steps you will take to reach your goals?
  2. What is the positive effect taking action on this goal will have on my life?
  3. How will you feel at the end of the first quarter having made progress on these goals?
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